Get Your Ideal SAP Consultant, Salesforce Expert, or Data Scientist

With our 100% dedicated offshoring solution, your search ends here.
From hiring to managing the team, we take care of everything with ease.

Day-to-day Admin

You're in good company

The Skill Shortage. Solved

Forget the hassle of finding top SAP consultants, Salesforce experts, and data scientists. We have the answer.

"Collaborating with Sortian has truly revolutionized our company. As a prominent retailer, we were facing a critical requirement for SAP consultants. Sortian's approach of creating a completely integrated offshore team solely dedicated to our business needs went above and beyond our initial expectations."

Patricia Misner

Director of Operations


A Team You Can Count On... We'll Handle the Rest

We will take care of everything from hiring to managing your talent, ensuring that you have a team you can count on and leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

"Finding top talent was a challenge, and we were investing considerable time in their management. However, our encounter with Sortian completely transformed the situation. They handled everything for us, including candidate selection and team management. Now, we can direct our attention to our business, knowing that we have a dependable team to rely on."

Bu Jin-Sang

VP of Analytics


Fully integrated, 100% dedicated team

What is a fully integrated, 100% dedicated team? An experienced and reliable team of experts who are dedicated to your success.

"Having a fully integrated dedicated team has had a tremendous impact on our business. Sortian has given us an exceptional and dependable group of experts who are entirely committed to our success. Their talent management strategy has truly revolutionized our operations. From sourcing the perfect candidates to meticulously overseeing their performance, it has enabled us to concentrate on our mission and accomplish our objectives. We are incredibly thankful to have discovered such an invaluable ally."

Melvin Avila

Director of Engineering


Lewis Roberson

Director of Operations

Costco Wholesale

"The skill shortage used to be a big problem for our business, but that's all changed since we started working with Sortian. Their team is on top of it, finding us the best SAP consultants, Salesforce professionals, and data scientists in no time. We're so grateful to have found such a great partner in Sortian."

Tested and Trusted

Companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, trust our solution

The Process

We set-up your team

You’re able to acquire the elite talent you need without disrupting operations to oversee recruitment.

  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding

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We manage your operations

We'll get your dedicated workspace set up and take care of all the details on the ground so you can focus on your business.

  • Day-to-day Admin
  • Operations
  • Logistics

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You grow

We help your team embrace your vision, values, and culture so they can fully align with and support your mission.

  • No hindrance
  • Trusted long term partner
  • Unlimited growth

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