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Want to solve the mystery of DATA?

Build your team in the Silicon Valley of Asia

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Unlock the power of DATA

No more delays, no more bottlenecks, and timely insights. With dedicated offshore experts working tirelessly, you can delve into your data faster, unravel valuable insights, and make informed decisions without compromising speed or quality. You'll receive the insights while we handle the day-to-day administration, logistics, and operations of your offshore team.


Rapid Scaling

Liaise with our recruitment specialists and scale your team at a rapid pace to achieve strategic goals.


Total alignment with HQ

Your team in India will use the same tools as your team at home. As English is the second language of India, you’ll be speaking the same language, literally.


New modules

We can hire specialists experienced in Pandas, NumPy, TensorFlow, Keras, or any other technology based on your requirements.


Aligned with HQ

Your data scientists are fully dedicated to your success, and our onboarding process ensures alignment with your company culture, vision, and values..

Access all the data analysis techniques within your reach

Whether it's mastering Pandas, honing skills in NumPy, harnessing the power of Scikit-learn, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of TensorFlow and Keras, showcasing artistic visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn, or exploring other essential modules, we are ready to meet your every need.

The Process

We set-up your team

You’re able to acquire the elite talent you need without disrupting operations to oversee recruitment.

  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding

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We manage your operations

We'll get your dedicated workspace set up and take care of all the details on the ground so you can focus on your business.

  • Day-to-day Admin
  • Operations
  • Logistics

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You grow

We help your team embrace your vision, values, and culture so they can fully align with and support your mission.

  • No hindrance
  • Trusted long term partner
  • Unlimited growth

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Build your team with a trusted partner


Your Data Scientists are full time colleagues, not outside support


Your admin, logistics, payroll and HR are managed


Your data scientists are aligned with your culture and vision


You can scale your team as and when you need to

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